Saturday, January 22, 2011

Who are the most notable residents?

"Cameron Bright, child actor
Justin Chatwin, actor
Jimmy Claxton, Black baseball pitcher who broke the U.S. baseball color line
Raymond Collishaw, one of the highest scoring British Aces of WWI, ranking overall third in the British Empire with 60 confirmed kills
Peter Croft, rock climber, free solo
Allison Crowe, singer-songwriter and pianist
John DeSantis, actor
Jodelle Ferland, child actress
David Gogo, blues guitarist
Gogo, keyboardist for the rock band Trooper
Diana Krall, jazz pianist and vocalist
Tim Lander, poet
Cory Monteith, actor
Shane Sutcliffe, boxer
Kirsten Sweetland, triathlete
David Essig, singer-songwriter/guitarist/producer"
(From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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